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                                  TENNIS KIDS 12 AND UNDER VIDEO  LIBRARY

2014 April 17   (11 Year Old Shana Tennis Lesson)

Shana Demonstrate Forehand and Backhand Strokes


2014 April 4   (5 Year Old Gregory Tennis & Golf Lesson)

Golf Putting & Tennis Forehand 


2013 Sep 03 Athena B Tennis 

Forehand Practice  

Serve Forehand Practice 


2013 March 30 Bertolino Girls Tennis 

Learning To Joogle Mom And Kids 

Coach Lee And Girls Dance 

Footworlk And Warm Up Drills 

Forehand And Backhand Practice 


2012 Aug 12 Bertolino Girls Tennis 

Warmup Pt 1 Youtube 

Warmup Pt 2 Youtube 

Forehand-Backhand Shadow Practice Youtube 

Learning To Volley-Pt-1 Youtube 

Learning To Volley-Pt-2 Youtube 

Sofia Serve-Girls Ground Stroke Drill Youtube