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About Lee (Shark) James


Over 30 years of experience Plying  tennis
10 Years Teaching adults, juniors and seniors

Participated in the USTA Smashzone Tennis Youth Program South City Orange Park.

Participated in the USTA Smashzone Tennis Youth Program San Mate County Fair.

Participated in the USTA End Of Summer  Tennis Youth Program San Francisco Gateway Tennis Center (350 Kids).

Lee Teaching Approach:

I believe the essence of tennis is proper biomechanics in each stroke.  But first, I'll give you a brief explanation about what's really going on behind the scenes.

To the untrained eye, every top player appears to strike the ball differently. But there are certain techniques in the strokes of each and every expert player. The best players use precise footwork to create a chain reaction: it begins with their feet and spirals through their core section ending in a snap of the wrist through contact. Gone are the days of stepping into the ball and keeping a straight arm throughout the shot.

It takes a lot of hard work to become a top player. But, hard work without proper biomechanics can only take you so far since it's not the amount of time on court everyday, it's how productively you use that time. Let me show you how to incorporate strategies into your game depending on the style of your opponent. I want to fine tune your game to reach your ultimate potential.

I aim to provide instruction to get the type of results that my players strive towards. But I'm not a conventional tennis coach.

Based on my experience, I believe there are as many different ways to hit a tennis ball as there are tennis players. I will teach you how to move to the ball properly: how to anticipate where the ball is going and how to effectively get to the ball with time to spare.

Preparation is more than just turning your body and swinging the racquet behind you. It is gracefully moving your feet so that you can stroke the ball as if it was hit right to you. I'll give you the tools that will enable you to be the "zone" instead of struggling with sabotaging thoughts about whether or not you're stroking the ball correctly.

In other words, everybody naturally discovers their own style. If you learn how to use your feet on the tennis court, you will find your individual authentic game effortlessly.

Lesson Details

I will hit a few balls to my client to ascertain their level. Once I see what are the areas to work on I can come up with a lesson plan. We will work on those areas by me feeding balls and then interrupting the feed to correct the grip, posture and general tennis mechanics of the individual. I may ask them at this point if there is anything they particularly want to work on. I can feed from the ball basket, placed on the service line, to work on a particular stroke. I can go through drills, one ball on the forehand side, another on the backhand and then an approach shot and volley at the net. We can also rally from the back of the court.

As I have progressed through my career, I have found it more rewarding for me personally—and for the skill and results I see in my students—to teach outside of the typical club environment. I teach the game because I love it and my goal is to impart that same appreciation, dedication and expertise to my clients, lessons, and friends.

Tennis Court Locations: 

I teach lessons in

San Bruno,  
San Francisco
South San Francisco 
Daly City,

contact me to determine the best location for you and I can provide map links for easy navigating.

Lee-James SR   President/CEO/Instructor

Office-SF/Peninsula 650-557-3580

        Office-East-Bay 510-986-4055 

 P.O.-Box 816 Pacifica, CA 94044

Cell Phone: 650.278-2992

Postal address
 P.O. Box 816 Pacifica, CA 94044
 P.O. Box 24576 Oakland CA 95623
Electronic mail
General Information: LeeJamesTennis@aol.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: Leejamessr@aol.com

Other Info

In my free time, I play tennis, Play Blues Guitar, Snow Ski, Dance Instructor(Salsa/ Line Dance/  Chicago Steppin) and Scuba Diver. I occasionally watch the tennis channel on television and enjoy traveling around the world Skiing-Scuba Diving and Playing Tennis)