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Adult Tennis Lessons, 17 years and older




The Beginner Player:
Are you new to tennis? For adults students with little or no previous experience.
We will start by simply feeding balls across the net. Although it may seem basic, this allows me to assess your style and allows you to get the feel of moving towards the balk
From there, tennis lessons will be well-rounded. Special emphasis is placed on eye-hand coordination, early preparation, footwork and biomechanics. Lessons will be structured to improve all court game, which will include working on ground strokes, serves, volleys and more. Different tennis techniques and singles and doubles strategies will be demonstrated to improve players overall performance. Cardio workout will be at player's comfort level.
Students will learn forehand, backhand, volley, serving, and scoring. At the end of this clinic you will be able to keep hitting the ball back and forth with consistency, allowing you to start appreciating and enjoying the game of tennis. Rates/Registration Here.

Can't tell the difference between a tennis racquet and a snow shoe? I've put together a bit of information with racquet suggestions, footwear, clothing and what to to expect with your first lesson.


Advanced Beginners Reviews beginner's stokes with emphasis on stroke execution. Introduces  overhead, scoring, and rules. Students must know the basic strokes and forehand rallying.

The Intermediate Player:
Tennis lessons will focus on improving stroke production, technique and strategy. Lessons will include footwork drills and hitting sessions for more interactive playing. Hitting the ball on the rise, coming to the net more, working on server/volley and putting away shots will be introduced. Fast paced drills for match simulation. Objective will be working up to the players next level.

The Advanced Player:
Coaching can include working on technique and preparation for competitive competition. Players will receive instructions on how to develop and plan game strategies, work on footwork structure and improve agility. Lessons will be structured around working on aggressive return of serves, chipping and charging, service game strategy, footwork drills for hitting on the rise and to become an aggressive baseliner.

Group Tennis Lessons:
As a beginner, you will learn the basic strokes. Advanced beginners will continue improvements of strokes and grips. Intermediate and Advanced players will work on perfecting strategy and knowledge of the game. All group lessons will include fast-moving drills and a great cardio workout on the court.

Other Adult Programs

Adult Serve & Return Lessons Groups of up to 4 students meet twice a week for 3 weeks to become masters of their serve. The serve is the most important stroke in tennis. It starts the game. Without being able to serve, you cannot play the game of tennis. In this class you will learn a top- spin serve, a slice serve and increase the pace and velocity of you flat serve. Let the games begin!


Use the right equipment and keep your eyes on ball. Concentrate and you’re confidence level high as you keep the right grip on your racket and utilizing proper foot work. “Wrong footwork, bad hand grip as well as incompetent strokes will affect the quality of the game and could hurt your back as well”.

Rafael Nadal once advised. Make sure you have control over your emotions and do not lose your temper on the court. Temper makes you lose focus. This is one of the best techniques applied by Lee (Alligator) James.


Lee(Alligator)James Aka Steppin Lee

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 P.O.-Box 816 Pacifica, CA 94044
General-Information: LeeJamesTennis@aol.com

Registration   Send Your Contact Information to    LeeJamesTennis@aol.com

We will contact you to schedule your lesson.