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There are so many tennis rackets on the market today that making the right choice can be challenging. I've created a guide to aid you in your search of a tennis racket that will help you play better, and prevent / reduce injuries. 

First, what does a racket look like and what are it's parts?

Weight is measured in ounzes(oz).
Light: 8-9.5oz 
Medium: 9.5-10.5oz
Heavy: 11-13 oz

Every racket has their individual specification listed on the bottom of the head or inside throat of racket. 
Specifications will show: head size, recommended tension, and weight. Generally, one that is heavier is better to prevent injury and easier to swing.

Grip size is very important. Too large or small can cause injury. 

Grip size range from small to large: 4 3/8, 4 1/4, 4 1/2, 4 5/8. 

Go to your local tennis shop. Demo a few (say 3) rackets. You can select which rackets to demo according to your level of play using the above categorization. You can also consider other factors such as budget and preferred brands that your favorite pros use. You can usually get demo rackets from a shop that sells tennis rackets.



Ages 3-5 Years Old  Racquet Size 19

       4-6 Years Old  Racquet Size 21

       5-8 Years Old Racquet Size 23

       9-12 Years Old Racquet Size 25-27 (Advance Kids 12 and Under)