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About Tennis Metropolis

Tennis Metropolis was developed to fill a need that has been created by our mobile society. I grew up in Florida and played tennis at my local country club. Once I left the country club setting I discovered that tennis instructors were not as readily available at the courts across the street from my house. Since that time I have lived in 7 different cities over a period of 9 years and with each move I had to spend quite a bit of my precious free time locating someone to work on my tennis game with that had the knowledge and expertise to be a learning tool as well.

I founded Tennis Metropolis in 2010 to help tennis enthusiasts locate hitting partners and instructors in their area either on a permanent or temporary basis. I know you are looking for experience and professionalism, at a price that is compatible with your budget and that is what we are here to do. We have a large group of tennis coaches available for you to contact in order to find the one that matches your needs and budget.

Tennis Metropolis is quickly becoming the nation's largest and most successful placement agency for Tennis Instructors and Coaches. We are the easiest and most versatile asset to players across the country; your source for that perfect tennis partner.

So whether you're away on a business trip, getting away for a weekend or are just looking to meet new players in your area; Tennis Metropolis is your go-to website to find you new tennis partners.



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