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                    Form The Desk Of Lee (Alligator) James: 

I believe the essence of tennis is proper biomechanics in each stroke.  But first, I'll give you a brief explanation about what's really going on behind the scenes.

To the untrained eye, every top player appears to strike the ball differently. But there are certain techniques in the strokes of each and every expert player. The best players use precise footwork to create a chain reaction: it begins with their feet and spirals through their core section ending in a snap of the wrist through contact. Gone are the days of stepping into the ball and keeping a straight arm throughout the shot.

It takes a lot of hard work to become a top player. But, hard work without proper biomechanics can only take you so far since it's not the amount of time on court everyday, it's how productively you use that time. Let me show you how to incorporate strategies into your game depending on the style of your opponent. I want to fine tune your game to reach your ultimate potential.


Play Tennis

Getting Started/Books And Illistratons

New to Tennis? How many other sports can be played by anyone at any age, at any time of year, and anywhere in the world? Pickup a racquet for the sport of a lifetime.

Introduction to Tennis for Adults



With full illustrations, the Introduction to Tennis for Adults explains in easy-to-understand language everything you need to know to start playing tennis—serving, scoring, the lines and parts of the tennis court, how to call balls in and out, and many other helpful tidbits.


Find Your Local Park Program



Its important to know that the game of tennis and at least one useable court is never far away - as a starting point, be sure to look up your local park directory and check to see hours of operation and if lessons/programs are offered.

Find a Court



Use our database of most known tennis courts in the U.S. to find a place to play near you.


Find a Partner



Create a profile or locate tennis partners in your neighborhood with the Find a Partner application, with over 100,000 registered users of all levels.


Find a Program



Find tennis programs of all kinds in you area using this comprehensive application.


Join the USTA

USTA Membership



As a USTA member, you show the world how much you appreciate tennis. In return, we want to show how much we appreciate you by offering a variety of exclusive benefits and one-of-a kind offers—available only to our members. It's all here—discounts on travel, hotels, entertainment, dining, sports gear and more.




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